About Us

T3 Technology Tribal Training is a solution focused organization led by Northwest Native leaders with decades of experience in community & economic development. The founding T3 Team is made up of leaders experienced in tribal technology and policy issues. With headquarters in the Seattle area, T3 serves Tribes and Native people in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Alaska.

The mission of T3 Tribal Technology Training:

  • Provide technical assistance & training to tribal governments on technology, broadband and telecommunications;
  • Convene and facilitate meetings with Tribal, Federal, State and Private Industry Partners;
  • Advocate for fair and equal Native access to technology, including internet, cell, radio and TV coverage;
  • Ensure emergency management communication services reach Native American first responders;
  • Conduct research & policy analysis to provide information to tribal leaders developing community wide technology systems.

T3 has a strong network of native experts and trainers to provide direct technology assistance in telecommunications, small business and community development to address the many changes in the economy. Our primary commitment is to mentor young native leaders to ensure they have the opportunity to thrive, grow and work in the technology sector.

T3 Staff

Andrea Alexander

Andrea Alexander

Executive Director

Andrea Alexander, founder, is committed to Native led community empowerment and economic justice through sustainable development. The T3 movement is founded on the “Social Enterprise” model with a for-profit and non-profit arm.

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T3 is committed to closing the broadband gap in Indian Country, contact us to learn more about updates on program and policy actions that will support Tribal Broadband development.